With deductibles for 2020 reaching new heights of over $8000 annually - an accident supplement is essential to avoid unanticipated expenses. We at All Health Options strongly encourage all of our clients to consider how an accident supplement can help with deductibles and unexpected costs this upcoming year. 



Why purchase an accident supplement?


  • Accident supplements can help pay off emergency room visits for cuts, breaks, bites, slips and falls.
  • They can help pay off deductibles.
  • They are a great way to compliment a higher deductible health insurance plan. By taking a higher deductible you can reduce your monthly health insurance premiums and also reduce your financial exposure in the case of an accident. 

What is an accident supplement?

An accident supplement is designed to cover the amount that you are responsible for before the deductible hits. 

Wholesale Benefits Association

 We use accident supplements that cover skiing (snow and water), snowboarding, horseback riding, sports, bikes, dirt bikes , snowmobiles, etc. We all live, work, and play in Colorado and prefer policies that cover us and our clients properly. WBA is our preferred accident supplement company. Please click on the blue logo below for information and to apply.